Building A Quantitative Grading System with FungyProof™

Opportunity in the NFT ecosystem

The emergence and evolution of the NFT (non-fungible token) has caught the world by surprise. Due to nascent technology and a primary focus on art and media-based NFTs, the rapid expansion in the ecosystem has led to some substantial shortcomings when it comes to the way we interact with, describe, and store these assets. Currently, the best way for non-technical people to validate the quality of these NFTs is through “memability.” …

Building the Case for Our Blockchain Design System.
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Spending time on UI for a new product — let alone a blockchain product — is almost taboo. Out-of-the-box design frameworks are everywhere. On top of that, blockchain is in its infancy and changing rapidly.

Despite those facts, we’re building a design system. It’s because we want to share what we’ve learned, help the industry mature, and build faster.

We started with a design methodology we call Pizza–our stripped down version of Atomic Design. In this post, we’re sharing our new UI design, updates to our methodology, and…

From Hammurabi’s stone to blockchain, the technology of trust is ever-evolving

“Code of Hammurabi” at the Louvre Museum. (Source: Cyrali/Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain)

There is a reason the stone of Hammurabi, with its hundreds of lines of legal and economic precedents, was made of, well, stone. You couldn’t easily alter it, or pick it up and walk away. That permanence, paired with its authorship by a ruling authority, gave it an “I am truth” aura. The form and function symbolized how vital the record and its keepers are to civilization.

Without a record in stone to point to, there would have been no standard practices, shared sense of value, or rules of social conduct. And without Hammurabi and his scribes there to preside…

Visualizing The Form Of Blockchain

Adoption cycles often begin quietly with the inventor who proves the model, then fall quickly to investors who accelerate the scale of the invention. At scale, adoption churns in the creative class who make it publicly accessible. Eventually, the new invention wades into a state of unnoticeable current in the market, as though it always existed.

Within blockchain we’re seeing the influx of the creative class; a promising position for the technology if the above flow holds true. As this happens, new ways of presenting the user experience and the story of the technology come…

Design by Pizza is our way to bring simplicity to our design. It’s a commitment to creating human centered experiences from the inside out. It’s a way to bolster quality and improve efficiency as our team scales. And yeah, it’s a bit absurd.

The last 6 months have been a whirlwind for Radar. Rapid iteration has pushed code out the door quickly but as we move forward it’s important to dial in the details. We need to be responsive to all of your feedback and make sure we get to a world class product experience. All of that means one…

Brandon Arthur Roth

Contract Designer & Creative, Co-Founder @RadarRelay, previously Design Director @MadeSays, Board Member @AIGACO

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